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Submitted on
November 10, 2012
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Don't wake me up if I'm sleeping this life away
Tell me that I'll never be good enough
Sometimes it hurts to think it could really be that way
It won't be that way

I'm tired and I'm lost
I don't wanna be found
I put my heart and my soul
And strength in this now

So forgive me 'cause I won't forget that
Yeah, this world has changed me
So you know when you ask me

Who are you now?
Did you say what you want?
Don't go back to the start
I'm asking, who are you now?
Did they break you apart?
Won't you fight back for what you want?

Sometimes you gotta fall before you fly
We're gonna work it out
This is a quote from my favorite band, thank you for summing up my thoughts tonight. Enjoy
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