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I thought about my dad quite a bit
I miss him
I want to hug him again
I want to hear his voice
I haven't had a father in years

I saw my brother
I hugged him after a year of absence
But my mom didn't seem happy to see her own son

I had a terrible nightmare
I woke up screaming
Everyone I knew had a spike through their chest
I tried to call and it didn't go through
I never said anything after that
I had to take my midterms

I couldn't get the courage to talk about moving in with you
I found a great place close to you

After all this I failed to speak of
I could never keep my emotions from you
You comfort me so well
And I need only ask
It's high time I show that I am no child
That I am capable

It is also time to admit that I have not been acting as my full self
I could not explain why
But I know that I now see what I need to do
And that I am willing
This past month
I have failed the person I love most
I have been neglectful
And callous

I have not done right by her
I have not done right by me
I have not done what is right for us
And I have created this detriment of sadness and separation

I was neither the man I can be
Or the man I should have been
There is no reason for this
And can only be attributed to me

She has grown apart from me
A respectable position

She has matured so much over the last year
I have not shown her that I can keep up.

I have kept my emotions in, a foolish mistake

All of these things can be changed by me
Through permission of the very same person I have betrayed and mistreated the most
I have said these very same things before
And I did not hold to what I said
I would expect disbleif of any claim I make
I give no reason why I should be believed other than this:

I have been neglectful.
I have been insensitive.
I have been a child.
I have been foolish beyond belief.
I have not done as I have said.
I have given no reason to believe that I meant that I could change.
This weekend I have come to the conclusion that I want to see you in that white dress
I want to see our child run at you because they missed you
I want to help you through any and everything that could ever cross our path
I want to show you that I can be the man you have so often asked me to be

Every single thing I have failed in, I would correct

I'd get mauled by a polar bear
Take a thousand curses from a witch
Catch every giant squid in every sea
To show you how serious I am
To say that I'm in it for the long haul
To say that I truly am sorry
To say that I am the man you've needed me to be
You have my word as a gentleman
And as someone who is unfathomably in love with everything that is you, Ashley
and as someone who thinks your feelings are both valid and important 
Renewal: My sincere apology and plea
Words cannot accurately convey the seriousness, truthfulness, and sincerity that I mean to put forth in this poem.
This month
Our annual celebration
It seems you have grown away from me
Pushed by me
Shoved by me

The fault lies on my shoulders
Though I cannot take the toll I have put on you
The turmoil and distress I have caused you
Now adds up to the exact sum of our parting
I would gladly take it all to save us
But it seems I am past due
I have left no room for redemption
And taken too many chances

My only hope is an anomaly
I can only hope to appease to your good nature
To ask - nay- beg
For this one chance
For I have not been the knight in shining armor
Or a Prince Charming
I have proven to be a red herring- leading you to believe I was able

Seeing this distress has brought things other than tears to my eyes
It has told me that
Feelings are facts
Indisputably so
Comfort is key
Unarguably so
I have feelings too
Irrefutably so
And more importantly I have relearned that

You are my sun, my stars, and the reason I want to succeed.
And I have lost that with by my own hand, effectively decapitating any chance I had to be with you

Should I get this second chance
I would give up all of my worldly possessions and sell my hair
If only to get the slimmest chance of reuniting with you


Quentin Shepard
United States
I love writing poems, though I don't do it often. I am a pretty calm guy, I don't really get angry so don't expect it. I will usually post love poems, sometimes I might do something else every couple posts. I play guitar, like every other teenage boy on the planet, I really love to play and it's just such a fun thing to pick up. Most of my thoughts are controlled by why I do things, I don't often reflect on normal things. I hope you will enjoy my writing and I will try to read and look at all of your posts.

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